Our History

1959 - Company established by John C. Read. His first project was a home in La Jolla, built for sale. It sold quickly and led to a steady succession of custom homes, remodels and commercial projects.

   In the years that followed John assembled a stable crew of old-world craftsmen. He established two different shops, the first in downtown La Jolla and the next on Miramar Road, before buying land in 1969 in Del Mar, where our present facility is located. 
   Through the years our company has been involved in a wide variety of projects, from custom homes to seawalls, commercial and industrial projects. The one constant through it all has been our commitment to quality construction and coordination and communication with customers and members of the design-build team.
   Since John's retirement in 2005 the company has passed to the next generation. As always, we remain dedicated to creating finished projects of the highest caliber.
John C Read Construction Company - first home brochure
John C Read Constructio - first home built in La Jolla
John C Read Construction Company Woodshop
Woodshop in Del Mar
John C Read Construction first woodshop
John C Read and first home
Woodshop on Miramar Rd.